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City CPD Club Cornwall Day 1
Talks and lectures

City CPD Club Cornwall Day 1

The RIBA City CPD Club 2019 is designed to help you achieve your annual CPD requirements. Innovative schedule of seminars and workshops covering the mandatory RIBA Core Curriculum topics, the programme is delivered over four days, providing you with the flexibility to plan your annual CPD well in advance.

City CPD Club Cornwall Day 1

We have updated the 10 mandatory RIBA CPD Core Curriculum topics in response to the skills our members need to practice architecture, now and in the future. The ten Core topics will help you maintain competence, update your knowledge, acquire new skills, future-proof yourselves and your businesses and deliver socially purposeful architecture.

The RIBA City CPD Club 2019, an innovative schedule of seminars and workshops covering the 10 mandatory topics, is designed to help you achieve your annual CPD requirements.

CDM 2015: your essential guide to Designer duties

You, as architects, are best placed to manage the health and safety risks of your designs on the construction workforce and must apply practical knowledge in design risk management. The speaker will aim to demystify the regulations and help you understand how to deliver your duties. CDM should be utilised as a collaborative tool, developing the design and construction process to enhance health and safety in the built environment, ensuring that we consider design implications through reductive steps. This forms an integral part of the review process; it is not a ‘bolt-on’ considered after design decisions have been made.

This seminar will illustrate how CDM can add coherency in the consideration of design implications, while also adopting a ‘practicable’ approach to risk. This will give you, as Designers, an appreciation of your obligations within CDM 2015 and provide guidance on how to critically examine your work, giving proportionate consideration to avoiding, reducing and controlling hazards.

The seminar will cover:

  • Background to the passing of the CDM legislation and it’s development to today
  • Other relevant construction legislation of which you should be aware
  • The CDM process timeline on projects
  • CDM 2015 Duty Holders and their obligations
  • CDM as a creative and collaborative process
  • CDM as the management of risk, rather than of health and safety
  • Considering the hierarchy of risk
  • The differences between ‘safety’ and ‘health’
  • The definition of ‘Designer’ as described under CDM2015
  • Understanding the Designer’s duties with regard to hazard and risk
  • Practical guidance in the understanding of hazards to consider in the design process

Speakers Peter Waxman, Multiplex CDM & Alan Mead, Multiplex CDM

Core Curriculum Topics

  1. Health, safety and well being
  2. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance
  3. Business, clients and services

Business planning: key to running a successful practice

This seminar will be a lively mix of theory and practical exercises on four themes:

  • Business by design: an introduction to business strategy and business planning, including templates for architects and long-term questionnaire. This session includes answering the strategic questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be in the future?
  • Marketing and winning work: an explanation of key marketing frameworks that work for architects: segmentation, AIDA, funnel, push-pull. This session will define three target sectors for each architect; matching three actions to each sector.
  • Managing people and projects: a review of best management tools to improve productivity; from resource planning software to simple checklists and KPIs. What to change first? Identifying key issues and focus on effective solutions.
  • Making money: discussion on the levers of profitability; how to increase revenues and when to cut costs. Reminder of 80/20 framework.

The speaker will share real life problems related to winning work and managing a business, with a focus on identifying actions you can implement immediately to see concrete results.

Speaker Lucy Mori, KLMORI Business Consultancy

Core Curriculum Topics

  1. Business, clients and services
  2. Procurement and contracts
  3. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Project management: delivery high quality outcomes

Project management is a key skill for delivering successful, quality outcomes on projects. This seminar will provide an overview of key project management principles and processes from the initiation of the project, through to completion and use. It will cover the phases, scope and capturing expectations, scheduling the programme and proactively managing risks and change. Critical elements such as communication and interacting with the team and individuals will also be covered and tools and techniques and useful documents for managing the project will be outlined.

The seminar will provide awareness of key project management competencies linked to the APM Body of Knowledge with reference to Quality Management, the RIBA Quality Tracker and the Plan of Work.

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Increased understanding of projects, their lifecycle, processes, key terminology and the architect/project manager role
  • Awareness of the key considerations in setting up projects to incorporate best practice processes to ensure the client brief/project scope, design and outcome are aligned
  • Awareness of change control and risk management processes in order that change is adequately evaluated and managed; with risks including those relating to cost, approvals, safety etc. mitigated
  • Principles of managing quality from the outset and tips to ensure this is not compromised
  • Knowledge of key documents for managing projects and tailoring approach to the project scale and complexity
  • Awareness of further project management learning needs and options

Speaker Teri Okoro, TOCA

Core Curriculum Topics

  1. Procurement and contracts
  2. Business, clients and services
  3. Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance

Seminar fees

  • RIBA/CIAT members £105 + VAT
  • Non-RIBA members £210 + VAT
  • RIBA student members £50 + VAT

How to book

For more information on these or other topics included in the RIBA City CPD Club 2019 programme, please see programme page or booklet.

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